Update your old ass Dell servers!

Dell has been removing older generations of Dells from their life cycle repo, so it has been getting a little hard to install updates for older generation Dell servers like the Rx10 Generation 11, etc. For a full list of models and what generation they’re in, Wikipedia has a helpful list

Mainly for myself, I set up an FTP server with separate LifeCycle repositories using the Dell Repository Manager, and put each of them in their own folder. So to grab updates for Rx10 servers, you’d set g11 as your path, g12 for Rx20 Gen 12 servers, likewise for g13 and g14.

LifeCycle Controller Firmware Update Settings

FTP Server Settings
Address - ftp.updateyodell.net
User Name - dell
Password - calvin
Path - g11, g12, g13, or g14


This is a best effort service. Feel free to use this for your one or few dozen servers, but if I start seeing anyone hammering it with their fleet of 10k servers, I’ll probably shut it down. If you don’t want to depend on this staying up, feel free to grab the whole folder off the FTP server and host it locally.

If you don’t trust downloading firmware updates from some random website… You’re probably smarter than the rest of us. But I’m lazy, and I figured there’s probably other lazy people out there too.